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TO:           Superintendents of Schools, High School Principals, and Transportation Coordinators

FROM:       Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:        May 3, 2007

SUBJECT:   The Maine SAT Initiative–Legal School Day Option and Transportation Reimbursement

As was done last year, the Commissioner of Education has made available the option of counting the day of the May 5, 2007 administration of the Maine High School Assessment (MHSA) SAT a legal school day for all participating test takers. The application of this option, and how it is to be implemented are at the sole discretion of local school officials.

The reimbursement of transportation costs associated with the May 5th administration of the SAT will also follow last year’s model. Districts that operate their own transportation service will be reimbursed @ $.40 per mile based on actual miles driven to transport students to and from the SAT site on May 5th plus the actual wages paid to bus drivers for that transportation. Districts that contract for transportation services will be reimbursed at their contracted rate for the actual number of miles covered to and from the SAT site on May 5th. Costs associated with the June 2, 2007 SAT make-up testing will not be reimbursed.

Additionally, a flat fee of $200 will be issued to each test site to help defray incidental costs associated with the testing program. A reimbursement form can be downloaded at:

Any questions regarding reimbursement matters should be directed to Sandra McKechnie at:

Please be advised that the Maine High School Assessment (MHSA) SAT Initiative website is continually being updated with the latest information about the Initiative. The Maine Initiative website is located at: