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TO:             Superintendents of Schools, High School Principals, Guidance Counselors, Special Education Directors and Assessment Coordinators

FROM:         Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:          February 16, 2007

SUBJECT:   SAT Initiative: Mathematics Augmentation and Initiative Updates

Key Points Covered in this Informational Letter:

  • The Mathematics Augmentation
  • Student Registration Process  
  • SAT Initiative Administration and Make-up Dates
  • Test Center Supervisor Trainings

The Mathematics Augmentation

After deliberations with the U.S. Department of Education, we have agreed to augment the mathematics portion of the SAT in order to more closely measure the performance indicators of the Maine Learning Results. This augmentation will consist of 25 multiple choice questions and will require 45 minutes of actual testing time. Schools will be required to administer this test in a single test session during a school day the week of April 23-27, 2007. Measured Progress will be shipping the test materials via UPS on Friday, April 20th for arrival in local high schools on Monday the 23rd. In the unlikely event that your school has not received the material by noon on the 24th, please contact Measured Progress (1-800-431-8901) for overnight shipment of materials. The results of this augmentation will be merged with the results of the regular SAT mathematics items to determine achievement levels for NCLB purposes. More specific information regarding the mathematics augmentation can be found at:

Student Registration Process 
The final set of bulk registration materials for the May 5th SAT Initiative administration has been mailed to schools. There are two registration deadlines referenced in the material: February 16th for those students filing a Declaration of Testing Accommodations form (students must use the same accommodation(s) for both the SAT and the mathematics augmentation); March 12th for the bulk registration form. The individual high school codes assigned last year will remain the same. Unlike last year, fee payment cards will not be used; the final school roster will serve as the official document for payment purposes. The list of students at your school who are expected to participate in the SAT Initiative and for whom payment will be forwarded to the College Board can be found online within MEDMS. To review the list for your school, you should log into MEDMS, choose Application –Download Data –click GO –Action –Student Enrollments –click GO. Select –Students for SAT. If this list is correct, click Submit. If this list is incorrect (students need to be added or removed), contact Charlotte Ellis at with the following information: name of school, name of student; state student ID; grade of student; and the reason for adding or removing the student from the list.

Maine high school juniors who are home schooled (and not enrolled in a private institution) are also eligible to participate in the SAT Initiative. Home schooled students should fill out a registration form and ask to be included in the bulk registration from the local high school where they will take the test. The scores from home schooled students will not affect the school scores of the local high school.

More specific information regarding the registration process can be found at: .

SAT Initiative Administration and Make-up Dates
The official administration date of this year’s SAT Initiative is Saturday, May 5, 2007. For those few students who are unable to participate in testing on that date, two make-up options will be available. For students who are testing for Maine Purposes Only (MPO), the testing window will remain open from May 5th through May 16th  at their local high schools. As soon as all MPO students in a given school have completed testing, their test materials should be collected and immediately returned to the College Board making sure that this process is completed by May 16th at the latest. There will be no MPO make-up opportunities following the June 2nd administration date. The make-up opportunity for students desiring official SAT college reportable scores will take place on June 2, 2007 at one of the regional test centers operational on that date. These students will automatically be assigned to a test center closest to their local address.

Test Center Supervisor Trainings
There will be a series of test center supervisor trainings designed for those supervisors who are new to the position and/or those wanting to review the latest protocols regarding the SAT Initiative. These workshops are being scheduled for the final week of March (26th – 30th) with one session being broadcast over the ATM for those not able to travel to a workshop site. The ATM session will also be videotaped with copies available through the Maine State Library. Details and logistics regarding these workshops will be sent out within the next few weeks.                  

Please be advised that the SAT Initiative website is continually being updated with the latest information about the Initiative. The Maine Initiative website is located at: .