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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools

FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner of Education

DATE:             July 28, 2006

RE:                 Educational Program for Middle School Students "Medicines In My Home"

            The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), in cooperation with the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE), and Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools, has launched “Medicines in My Home,” an interactive educational program about the safe and effective use of over-the-counter medicines.

            The “Medicines In My Home” program can be found at   It highlights the safe use of over-the-counter medicines and is intended to teach students about how to use appropriate over-the-counter medicines so that they are both safe and effective.     The website provides a teachers' kit with educational tools for classroom learning and a students’ page with on-line information for both students and their families.

            Key concepts students will learn from the program are:

    • the Drug Facts label tells you what a medicine treats, if it is right for you and your problem, and how to use the medicine
    • to read all labels and follow all directions carefully and correctly
    • two medicines with the same active ingredient shouldn’t be used at the same time
    • to measure medicines correctly with measuring tools made for medicines

            The program emphasizes that medicines should be used only with permission from an adult and that if there are questions about medicine use a pharmacist or a doctor should be contacted. Materials are provided to encourage students to share what they learn with their families so that all family members can learn to use over-the-counter medicines more safely.

            Please contact Mandy Eisemann, Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at with any questions, concerns, or comments.