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TO:            Superintendents of Schools

FROM:       Susan Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:        July 12, 2006

RE:            Per Pupil Professional Development Funds

The FY ’07 (for 2006-2007) application for the Per Pupil Professional Development (PPPD) funds to support the implementation of the Learning Results is available on the Department of Education’s website.  Legislation has been passed that permits me to re-allocate half the funds for regional professional development; however, after meeting with the Executive Board of MSSA,  I am committed to gathering data before doing so.  Consequently, for FY ’07, PPPD funds will be continue to be available to all public school administrative units.  Each school administrative unit must decide if it wants to receive the funds individually ($7.00 per pupil enrollment) or as part of a collaboration ($9.03 per pupil enrollment).  Enrollment is based on October 2005 data.  The per pupil allocations have been reduced as part of the recent State budget deliberations.  These funds will also be reduced next year. 

Some salient points relative to PPPD are:

  • All school administrative units must complete a PPPD application to receive the funds.
  • Data regarding the use of last year’s funds are necessary for us to report to the Legislature. Questions have been added to the application for this purpose.
  • Completed applications will be accepted from now until November 1, 2006.  The sooner the completed application is received, the sooner funds can be made available to you.
  • Completed applications must be sent in hard copy or faxed in.

Although a needs assessment is not required as part of the application, school administrative units should review their No Child Left Behind needs assessment (especially for Title IIA) and other tools, such as results of local assessments, the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) and SATs.  Content-based professional development aligned with an articulated curriculum, appropriate instruction, necessary materials, and a comprehensive assessment system will lead to student achievement of the Learning Results

Please direct any questions to Barbara Moody (207) 624-6830 or .  The application and allocation spreadsheet are available at  in two formats.

We hope that the application and information are clear and concise, and that the use of these funds will assist you in providing effective professional development to support the implementation of Learning Results