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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools, Private School Administrators, Principals, and School Counselors

FROM:           Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:            October 23, 2006

SUBJECT:      Uniformed Military Personnel Engaging in Programs in Schools

This Administrative Letter is being sent to remind you of the need to inform parents and students if there will be uniformed military personnel engaging directly with students as part of your school program.

Military personnel may engage with students through such programs as the National Guard Adventure Program, a part of the National Guard’s community drug reduction program in middle schools.  This six week free program offered to schools involves problem solving, leadership development, and building trust.  Program facilitators present the program while dressed in military uniform.  Notices should be provided to parents regarding the program and should include a disclosure statement that facilitators will be in military uniform.  Parents and students have the right to opt-out of these activities.

In an attempt to achieve consistency statewide on the notice provided to parents or students, I am providing model language for your consideration.

Sample of opt out notice language:

________________________________ Middle School is providing students in Grades ____ and ____ the opportunity to participate in the National Guard Adventure Program (or other program in which uniformed personnel engage with students) as part of a substance abuse prevention program.  Facilitators of the program will be by personnel in military uniform. Details of the program content are as follows:  ______________________________________________
____________________________________________________.  Parents and students have a right to opt-out of these activities.  Questions regarding the program may be addressed to ________________________________.


Signature:  __________________________________________  Date:  ______________
                                    Parent or legal guardian

If you have any questions, please contact Shelley Reed, Education Specialist for Truancy, Dropout Prevention, Alternative Education, Homeless Education, and School Counselors at 207-624-6637 or