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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools

FROM:           Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:            May 24, 2006

SUBJECT:     Criminal History Record Check Renewal Fees

**** Please forward to School Principals ****

Recent amendments to Title 20-A, MRSA, Section 6103 provide for a change regarding the fee for criminal history record checks:  effective March 29, 2006, the fee to the applicant for an initial criminal history record check is $55.00 and the fee for each renewal criminal history record check is $24.00.

Also effective March 29, 2006, the new fee structure becomes retroactive to September 17, 2005.  Thus, the Commissioner is required to reimburse the amount of $31.00 to any individual who paid $55.00 for a renewal criminal history record check between September 17, 2005 and March 29, 2006.  There are 296 of these applicants who will be reimbursed the $31.00.  We will send them a letter in June 2006 explaining the $31.00 reimbursement. 

The matter, however, is complicated by the fact that in the last week of April 2006, certification renewal packages with fee schedules, including the full $55.00 criminal history record check renewal fee, were mailed to 9000 individuals whose certificates were expiring on July 1, 2006.   Therefore, the applicants who sent the full $55.00 for a renewal criminal history record check will be reimbursed $31.00, again with a letter explaining the $31.00 reimbursement.  We will do that in July, 2006.  A notice is being sent at the same time as this Informational Letter to all school administrative unit certification support system chairs regarding this statutory change.  All future notices of certification renewals sent to individuals will also have the differentiated fees ($55.00 and $24.00) listed.

Please contact Nancy Ibarguen at 207-624-6603 or e-mail: if you have any questions or need further information.