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 TO:              Superintendents of Schools, High School Principals, Guidance Counselors, and Assessment Coordinators

FROM:         Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:          February 2, 2006

SUBJECT:   SAT: Student Readiness/Preparation Materials

     When the SAT Initiative was announced in September, several student readiness programs offered free of charge by The College Board (and listed on their web site were cited to notify interested parties of supports that are available to students, parents, and teachers.  Our hope is that you have found these programs, The SAT Preparation Center including a full-length practice test and The Official SAT Question of the Day, to be positive supplemental learning opportunities when combined with those already provided at your school. The Department is also partnering with the College Board to provide additional layers of support to the student readiness program.

     Beginning next week, with the arrival of the College Board student preparation information package at your school, all Maine high school students in grades 9-12, as well as high school faculty and administrators, will have full access to The Official SAT Online Course.  This is a personalized, comprehensive and 24-hour-accessible student preparation package.  It is important to note that this opportunity extends to all Maine high school students—not just 11th graders—and like all of the options listed, can be incorporated as a key component to the academic experience at your school and not just as preparation for the SAT and PSAT.  Please make sure that all students and faculty are made immediately aware of, and supported in the use of, this program as soon as it becomes available.  The informational package will be addressed to the guidance director at each high school and should arrive on Thursday, February 9th via FedEx. Each school’s guidance department will also be called directly by the College Board to announce the mailing of this material.  If your school has not received the information package by Friday, February 10th, please contact Donna Varona at the College Board (212-713-8303).

      To help coordinate and maximize the benefit of The Official SAT Online Course, instructions for connecting to a WebEx presentation featuring best usage of the program will be included in the teacher portion of the package.

     Additionally, each Maine high school will be mailed at least two copies each of The Official SAT Study Guide and The Official SAT Teacher’s Guide.  Schools with larger student populations will receive extra copies of each publication.

     As the license for use of the online course runs through June 9, 2006, it is hoped that schools will be able to naturally blend this resource into the current curriculum for all students during the winter and spring months.  Your feedback on the usefulness of these readiness programs will help determine the options offered by Department in subsequent years.
     Please be advised that other SAT-related letters regarding test site supervision, student readiness, logistics and standard setting will be sent shortly.  In the meantime, please continue to visit our “SAT: The Maine Initiative” web site located at: for updates.