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TO:         Superintendents of Schools, High School Principals, Guidance Counselors, and  Assessment Coordinators

FROM:   Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:     January 19, 2006

RE:          The SAT Maine Initiative: Test Center Administration Workshop Invitation and Registration Form

            In response to the Maine SAT Initiative, the vast majority of Maine high schools have opted to test their students on their respective campuses and not transport their students to an offsite testing center for the April 1, 2006 administration of the SAT.  While this choice results in a more familiar, comfortable and hopefully productive testing atmosphere for students, it also results in the need for additional test site supervisors and other test administration personnel.  To ensure that all test administrative procedures are well understood and that all test site supervisors have an opportunity for in-depth training, the Maine Department of Education in collaboration with the College Board will conduct a series of regional training sessions designed to address all of the issues surrounding the administration of the SAT.  Each school should try to send the test site supervisor as well as the school’s disabilities coordinator if that position is held by someone other than the test site supervisor.  Materials and guidance will be supplied to the test site supervisors to support them in the training of room supervisors and proctors upon return to their schools.

     Dates, times and registration information can be found at:

     As with all related Maine SAT Initiative announcements and resources, this Informational Letter and the registration template will be posted on our web site at:

     Your continued efforts in support of this important initiative for Maine students are appreciated.