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TO:                Superintendents of Schools, High School Principals, Guidance Counselors, and Assessment Coordinators

FROM:          Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:           January 12, 2006

SUBJECT:    The SAT Maine Initiative: Administration and Makeup Dates

     Last September I announced the implementation of the SAT Maine Initiative citing April 1, 2006 as the official day of test administration.  We are now also able to announce the administrative options for students who cannot participate or complete the test on that date, and the provisions for makeup dates that might be made necessary by a late spring snowstorm or some other contingency.  The purpose of this Informational Letter is to clearly delineate the protocols for those optional dates.  I want to reiterate that the goal of the SAT Maine Initiative is to give every Maine high school junior and 3rd year student the opportunity to receive an official, college-reportable SAT score, which can become part of a postsecondary plan. 

     Saturday, April 1, 2006:  All 3rd year high school students report to their respective high schools* to participate in the SAT.  Each school will provide an adequate number of rooms in which to test students who will be taking the SAT:

Each room will be monitored by a proctor who has been specifically trained in one of the three administrative groupings listed above.  The room proctors will receive the customary stipend paid by the College Board for services rendered on that Saturday.

     By the early afternoon on April 1st, the students who took the SAT under standard conditions (Group 1) will have completed their tests and will be dismissed from the building.  Those students utilizing College Board-approved accommodations (Group 2) and whose approved accommodation(s) do not require more than a single day of testing will finish as the accommodation allows and also be dismissed that afternoon.  Students in Group 2 who receive accommodations that would make it impossible to finish the test in a single day must complete the remaining sections by Wednesday, April 5th.  The students receiving the “Maine Only” Accommodations (Group 3) will test to the extent of their specific accommodation –which may mean that they test for a few sections only on April 1st and are then dismissed, or they may be able to finish the entire test on April 1st but with multiple and/or extended breaks, etc. and then be dismissed later in the afternoon of April 1st.  Students in Group 3 who do not complete the test on Saturday, April 1st will need to complete the remaining sections by Wednesday, April 5th.

     Students who could not attend on April 1st but who want a college-reportable score will be automatically transferred to one of the 35 regularly scheduled Maine test centers for the Saturday, May 6, 2006 administration of the SAT.

     Students who do not show up for the April 1st administration and who do not expect a college-reportable score (“Maine Only” Accommodations, Group 3) will complete the SAT at their school during a window beginning Monday April 3rd and ending Wednesday April 5th.  These students must be identified as receiving “Maine Only” Accommodations on the final version of the Registration Roster, which will be sent back to you in mid-February and is due back to College Board by March 4th; otherwise they will be automatically transferred to the Saturday, May 6th administration.  As noted before, the “Maine Only” Accommodations students (Group 3) who began but did not finish their SAT tests on April 1st will also finish their tests during this April 3rd -5th window. 

     Sunday, April 2, 2006:  Only those students who are unable to participate in the Saturday administration for religious reasons (and who have pre-registered for April 2nd) will be scheduled to attend a Sunday test site center.

     Saturday, April 8, 2006:  If the high school test site has to be closed due to a snow storm, broken furnace or other such occurrence on April 1st, the makeup date will automatically be set to April 8th for that building.  The decision to cancel will be made by the superintendent of schools (where it is a legal day of school for test takers) in consultation with the test site supervisor.

     Within the next few days, Informational Letters regarding public relations, student readiness/preparation, and test center supervision will be sent.  Please distribute these letters to all interested parties.

* Or to the test site center that has been chosen instead of the local high school, in the few instances where high schools have selected that option.