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TO:               Superintendents of Schools, High School Principals, Guidance Counselors, and Assessment Coordinators

FROM:         Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner of Education

DATE:          December 2, 2005

RE:               SAT: The Maine Initiative Update


Key Points Covered in this Informational Letter

Bulk Registration Process

            To accommodate the SAT Maine Initiative, which will involve all Maine 11th graders and other 3rd year students, the College Board has designed a streamlined and user-friendly bulk registration process for the April 1, 2006 test administration. Early next week, the College Board will be mailing a registration packet to each Maine public high school principal and each guidance/assessment director. The packet will include:

            The deadline for returning the materials to the College Board is January 16, 2006. Please ensure that this information is delivered to the person designated for SAT registration at your school.

Important Dates for April 1, 2006 Administration

            Information will follow concerning the February, March, and April dates below. They are included here for informational planning purposes.

Late November and early December: Schools register to be test center sites.
Week of December 5: Schools will receive Bulk Registration Information, including test center code.
December 16 – January 16: Schools will conduct bulk registration process.
January 16: Deadline for mailing registration materials to College Board.
February 15: Updated Registration Roster made available to schools.
February 15 – March 4: Period for school confirmation of updated Registration Roster.
Early March: Regional workshops to train all test center supervisors.
Last two weeks of March: Rosters sent to test centers.
Week of March 27: Test materials sent to test centers.
April 1, 2006: SAT administered to 3rd year Maine high school students at approved test centers.

Registration for Students Requiring Alternate Assessment (PAAP)

            High schools will register 3rd year students participating in state assessment through the alternate assessment avenue (PAAP) online at the Measured Progress web site during the period of January 3 – February 6.  Information from Measured Progress will follow.

Clarification of legal school day status for April 1st

            Saturday, April 1, 2006, will count as an official school day for only those students who have participated in the administration of the SAT on that day. The decision of whether, when and/or how to grant a day to compensate those students for their time are options left to local school officials.

            Please visit for more information regarding the Maine SAT initiative or contact Dan Hupp at or 624-6827. Questions concerning accommodations or alternate assessment should be directed to Linda Parkin at or 624-6782.