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TO:               Superintendents of Schools, High School Principals, Guidance Counselors, and Assessment Coordinators

FROM:         Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:          November 9, 2005

SUBJECT:   SAT Test Sites for April 1, 2006

     As you know, beginning with the April 1, 2006 administration, all Maine high school juniors, including all students in their 3rd year of high school, will be taking SAT tests in critical reading, writing, and mathematics.

     Traditionally, the SAT has been administered only at official test centers dispersed strategically throughout the State.  This process has resulted in many Maine students spending a significant amount of time in transit before beginning SAT test sessions.  Now that the SAT will be the required State assessment measure, we want to ensure fairness and equity of site availability.

     It is as important to the Maine Department of Education and the College Board as it is to you that each of your 3rd year high school students be given the best possible opportunity to maximize their achievement during the April 1, 2006 administration of the SAT.  To that end, we would encourage you to consider becoming the test center for your (and only your) 3rd year students.

     This week, the College Board will be mailing a SAT Test Center Master Form to all Maine high school principals and guidance/assessment departments.  The form will ask you to choose between either administering the SAT on your own campus or transporting your students as a group to some other high school test center.  If you choose to become a test site, you will need to select a test center supervisor, be able to provide an adequate number of testing rooms that can seat 20-34 students/room and be able to supply a room proctor for each testing room.  The College Board will pay their usual honoraria for all services provided.  For schools that are already official SAT test centers:  If you are scheduled for April 1, 2006, you may be contacted directly to discuss your capacity for that date; if you are scheduled for any other test date, you will be asked to verify your willingness to test your students on April 1, 2006.

     As was stated in an earlier mailing, the Department will reimburse each school for all transportation expenses incurred during the SAT administration regardless of your decision.  The Department of Education remains committed to making this transition a positive experience for all Maine students, parents and educators.  This effort to expand the number of official test sites for the April 1, 2006 administration of the SAT helps all of us achieve that goal.