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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools

                        School Principals


FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:             August 19, 2005


RE:                   New Certification Fee Structure



Recent amendments to Title 20-A section 13007 provide that the Commissioner of Education shall assess newly established fees for initial and renewal teacher, education specialist and administrator certificates.  The Commissioner shall also assess fees for initial and renewal educational technician authorizations as well as initial and renewal of approvals.  A renewal fee will be assessed for the renewal of 5-year certificates, authorizations and approvals for non-certified and non-authorized personnel.


The newly established fee structure is as follows:


              1.       Initial Teacher/Educational Specialist Certificate                                     $100

              2.       Each Additional Teacher Endorsement  (beyond initial endorsement)      $  35

              3.       Initial Administrators                                                                                         $200

              4.       Administrative Portfolio Reviews                                                                       $300

              5.       Duplicate Certificates                                                                                        $  15

              6.       Renewal Teacher/Educational Specialist                                                            $100

              7.       Renewal Administrator                                                                          $200

              8.       Initial Educational Technician Authorization                                                        $  25

              9.       Renewal Educational Technician Authorization                                       $  25

            10.       Initial Approval for Non-certificated – Non-authorized Personnel                      $  15

            11.       Renewal Approval for Non-certificated – Non-authorized Personnel     $  15


Beginning September 17, 2005 the appropriate fee must be submitted by check, money order or credit card with any application for initial certificates, authorizations or approvals and for renewals of certificates, authorizations and approvals.