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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools

FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner of Education

DATE:             April 3, 2006

RE:                   MEDMS Financial System Module

 The Maine Department of Education has selected two vendors to assist the Department with the development of the MEDMS Financial Module.  The vendors selected are Enterprise Computing Services (ECS) and Computer Power Solutions of Illinois (CPSI).  Both of these vendors have done extensive work in the development of financial systems for a number of other states.  The intent is to adhere to the timeline we have pointed to for the last several months; the revised chart of accounts will be the basis for data collection and budgeting in fiscal 2007-08, which means that the budget module must be up and running by the end of December 2006. 

You may share the excitement, anxieties and apprehensions we in the Department have whenever a change of this magnitude is made.  I assure you that all of those involved in the project are committed to making this transition as painless as possible. 

To help my team identify issues and concerns prior to full implementation of the new system, twelve school administrative units have been asked to participate as pilot sites for the course of the project.  These units represent small and large student populations, differing governance structures and differing financial system vendors that serve Maine’s school administrative units.

To keep moving forward on this important project, my team needs your help.  Please follow the link attachment below and download a copy of the form found there.  This form requests information regarding your unit’s financial system and your unit’s ability to connect to the Internet, and requests that you provide contact information for staff members that will be integral to this project.  Please complete this form and return via email by April 14 to

Thank you for your time and attention to this important project.

Attachment:  MEDMS Financial System Information Form