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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools

FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:             February 24, 2006

RE:                   Proposed General Purpose Aid for Local Schools (GPA) Funding for FY 2006-07

The enclosed subsidy printout (ED 281) for your unit(s) is based on the Governor’s proposed budget and includes the following proposed items that may require legislative action:

Except for the items above, the amounts on the subsidy printouts (ED 281) are based on the Essential Programs and Services Model and the Mill Expectation Formula pursuant to 20-A MRSA Chapter 606-B.  The State share of these estimates is based on the level of the funding for 2006-07 and is contingent upon the appropriations in the State’s supplemental budget being enacted into law.
Also enclosed is the verification sheet(s) for the Minimum Teacher Salary Adjustment.  Please review the information on these sheets then sign and return them to the Department of Education by March 17, 2006.  Correct any errors on these sheets as well as in the MEDMS Staff Information System.  (Note:  If your unit does not have full-time teachers or other eligible staff with a salary below $30,000, there will not be a verification sheet enclosed.)
School administrative unit 2006-07 budgets and warrant articles should be based on 20-MRSA Section 15690.
A summary of the education funding highlights is provided below:
The proposed General Purpose Aid for Education (GPA) for FY 2006-07 is $914,906,122 – this represent an additional appropriation of $42,103,178.
The EPS Allocations include the total of Operating Allocation, Other Subsidizable Costs, and Debt Service Costs defined as follows:

The State Share includes adjustments for debt service, per 20-A MRSA Section 15689, 84% special education based on the EPS special education model, and minimum State allocation.  The “Fact Sheet” included with this letter includes estimated subsidy and data that has been updated and corrected.
For questions regarding estimates, please contact Jim Rier, Suzan Cameron or Joanne Allen of the Management Information Systems Team by email to , or