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TO:                   Superintendents of Schools and Principals of Private Schools

FROM:             Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner        

DATE:              August 19, 2005

RE:                   Form EF-I-283-Survey of Language Minority Children

The Maine Department of Education (MDOE) is conducting its annual survey of language minority children in Maine schools.   The survey achieves the following objectives:

  1. To comply with state legislation 20-MRSA   §15675 (1) that provides a formula for distribution of funds under Essential Programs and Services provided to limited English proficient (LEP) students.
  2. To comply with Titles I and III of the No Child Left Behind Act.
  3. To support electronic data collection through the Maine Educational Data Management System (MEDMS).

All questions on the survey refer to the current school year beginning September 1, 2005.    Please note that all school administrative units must answer all items on pages one and two, even if no language minority youth are enrolled.   All questions under Part II must be completed for school administrative units enrolling one or more LEP students.   Be sure to enter data from this EF-I-283 form onto the MEDMS system as well as so that if the data entered in MEDMS matches the data in EF-I-283, the EF-I-283 will be replaced by MEDMS in the future.

Form EF-I-283 is available at the Department of Education homepage: or by contacting the office of instruction for English language learners at 624-6772.   If you are e-mailing the document, please attach the EF-I-283 document to the e-mail and send to    Surface mail may be sent to: Dr. Barney Bérubé, Maine Department of Education, 23 Station, Augusta, ME   04333-0023.

Perhaps the best person to complete this survey would be an ESL or bilingual education coordinator, ESL teacher or a language assessment committee member in schools where language minority children are enrolled.   Otherwise, the superintendent or private school principal may assign this task as appropriate.   A home language survey and accompanying instructions are enclosed to help each school unit in responding to survey question 3, under Part I.Note that the home language surveys are NOT to be returned to this Department; rather, schools aggregate data from those surveys to answer question 3 under Part I.   Return only the completed EF-I-283 form to the Department.   Note also that data is cumulative--that is, the data applies to previous home language survey records and new LEP student enrollees. All forms may be duplicated to meet distribution needs.              

Please retain in your files a copy of all data used to answer the survey questions.   Assistance with particular questions may be secured by calling 624-6772.   To be eligible for state EPS formula allocations, you must complete and return Form EF-I-283 no later than October   21, 2005 to:   Dr. Barney Bérubé, Maine Department of Education, 23 State House Station, Augusta, ME   04333-0023.  The MDOE will be unable to process Part III of this form for reimbursement if it is received later than October 21, 2005.   Your cooperation in completing this important task on time is appreciated.   Thank you.