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TO:                   Superintendents, Principals and CTE Directors

FROM:             Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:              June 13, 2005

RE:                    A Strategic Visioning Plan for Career and Technical Education (CTE)

I am pleased to announce the release of the report “A Strategic Plan for the Future of Career and Technical Education in Maine” which is attached to this letter, along with the executive summary document, and which has been approved by the State Board of Education.

When I appointed the State Advisory Committee on Career and Technical Education, I instructed them to develop a bold and transformational vision for CTE and I am pleased to report that indeed they have.   Their recommendations support the high school transformation initiative on which Maine must move forward if it is to prepare its young people for the technological world of the future.   As Marc Tucker, President of the National Center for Education and the Economy, points out, “Low-skill jobs are disappearing at increasing speed.   And the higher skill jobs that are proliferating require the very qualities that good educators have always valued:   broad and deep knowledge, a critical mind, the capacity for autonomous and thoughtful behavior, the ability to relate productively to others, the ability to think well and the capacity to learn what one needs to learn when one needs to learn it.”

I would encourage wide distribution of this report at the local level.  I urge you to discuss it in detail at all local board meetings and use it to stimulate conversations around integration and Quadrant D learning (Dr. Willard Daggett’s recommended approach that integrates high knowledge and high application skills) for all Maine students.

The next step in the process is the development of an implementation plan built upon the strategies and actions steps identified in the visioning report.  I have appointed a committee to develop those recommendations by the end of June 2005.  The committee has been meeting regularly and has suggested both short and long-term actions designed to ensure effective implementation of the goals outlined in the visioning report.

Once the State Board has approved the implementation recommendations, I will forward them to you in the hope that they will serve as a framework around which you can build your transformational initiatives.

For more information, please contact Yvonne V. Davis, State Director, Career and Technical Education at:

23 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0023

Telephone:   (207) 624-6730