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 TO:                  Superintendents of Schools and School Principals

FROM:             Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:              April 26, 2005

RE:                    NCLB Report Card: Student Achievement Data Analysis and Teacher Quality Data

The Education Data Partnership, the Council of Chief State School Officers, Standard & Poor’s (S & P), Achieve, and the CELT Corporation have joined together in an effort to dramatically improve the quality and use of education data to help improve our public school systems.   The S & P component of the Education Data Partnership is providing a new data tool to help measure and contribute to improving the quality of public education across the country. is a free web-based data service that uses Standard & Poor’s analytical tools to provide information and analysis about public schools, districts, and state education systems throughout the country.   Because the site provides unprecedented access to information and analysis about our schools, it is a powerful tool that used properly can give educators, policymakers, and parents the information they need to make better decisions that can help to improve student achievement.   The site replaces and goes beyond the scope of the website available previously and now incorporated into the new site. fulfills the NCLB student achievement reporting requirements.   Because the information is accessible to schools and the public at large, it is important for school personnel to become familiar with its format and content. To access this website, go to:

However, does not address the Teacher Quality reporting requirement of NCLB at this time.   The Department will be working with S & P in the coming weeks to incorporate Teacher Quality data, but until the work is completed, the reporting responsibility remains ours.   Please check to be sure that your teacher data is complete and accurate and has been entered into MEDMS correctly by April 29, 2005.   We will be adding that data to our NCLB Report Card through a direct link on the Department’s website on Monday, May 4, 2005.   We need to be sure that all data is complete and accurate prior to that date.   If you need technical assistance to complete your Teacher Quality information, please contact John O’Brien at or telephone 207-624-6639.  

Further information on the NCLB reporting requirements and the website can be found at or by contacting or at 207-624-6734.