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TO:                              Superintendents of Schools


FROM:                        Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:                         March 24, 2005


RE:                               “Heritage of Maine” formerly “Character Counts in Maine




This Informational Letter clarifies further past Informational Letters regarding “Character Counts in Maine.”  It has come to our attention that Informational Letter #17, dated August 9, 2004, may have created confusion concerning the “Character Counts in Maine” now “Heritage of Maine” federal grant to support and provide assistance to Maine public schools. 


The funds for this grant are awarded to Heritage of Maine and do not come to local school administrative units.  Since the school administrative unit is not the recipient of these funds under the grant to Heritage of Maine, it is entirely a local decision as to whether or not you participate in the Heritage of Maine program, in addition to your comprehensive health education program.


For further information about this grant, please feel free to contact Mary Schiavoni at Heritage of Maine at 207-878-5438.