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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools

FROM:           Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:             January 28, 2005

RE:                  Reading Recovery

Historically, the State funds for Reading Recovery were under a separate General Fund line in the Department of Education’s budget.   These funds were distributed to selected local school administrative units throughout the State on a grant basis by the Department to provide funds for professional development in early literacy.

In the Department’s proposed biennial budget for FY 06 and FY 07, there will no longer be a separate General Fund line for Reading Recovery.   Instead, local school administrative units who currently operate Reading Recovery programs or school administrative units who may want to start Reading Recovery programs may utilize the Kindergarten to Grade 2 Targeted Need Funds included in the Essential Programs and Services formula.

Local administrative units would determine, as they will for any other expenditure of K–2 targeted funds, if they will develop their training program and evaluation component individually, collaboratively with other school administrative units, or in relationship with the University of Maine System as most local administrative units do now.  

The primary point of information is that there will no longer be a line funded separately by the Department for Reading Recovery, but that schools may use their own discretion to independently use their Kindergarten to Grade 2 Targeted Need Funds in this way.

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