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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools, Principals, and “HQT” Coordinators

FROM:            Susan Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:             November 19, 2004

Subject:            “Highly Qualified Teacher” and Paraprofessional Data Reporting Deadline and Errors Noted

**** Please forward to Principals and “Highly Qualified Teacher” Coordinators ****

Thank you for reporting the No Child Left Behind Act, “Highly Qualified” Teacher and Paraprofessional data through MEDMS.   To date, approximately 75% of districts have reported, leaving 25% yet to report.   Because the Department is required to summit a statewide aggregate report to the United States Department of Education in early December, it is important that we receive data from 100% of districts as soon as possible. Department staff are prepared to assist you in any way in order to achieve this goal.

Many districts have taken advantage of the technical support that the Department is providing by either contacting the MEDMS Help Desk for MEDMS technical questions or by contacting John O’Brien who coordinates the “HQT” data collection process (207-624-6639).   On this note, here are the top three (3) areas in which we are receiving questions:




I am very encouraged with what the data is suggesting thus far regarding the “Highly Qualified” status of Maine teachers and paraprofessionals.   To date, with 75% of districts reporting, 92% of our Elementary Teachers, 89% of our Secondary Teachers, and 87% of our paraprofessionals are being reported as meeting the No Child Left Behind Act’s definition of “Highly Qualified”.

You may wish to double-check your forms on MEDMS to ensure accuracy of reporting, particularly in the areas listed above.   Directions for re-submitting corrected “Highly Qualified Teacher” data are simply to log back on to the MEDMS form for the appropriate school, re-type the corrected data, and re-submit.   It is important that we start out this benchmark (first reporting) year with accurate data so that appropriate No Child Left Behind statewide target performance goals can be set.  

Please direct any questions regarding The No Child Left Behind Act, “Highly Qualified Teacher and Paraprofessional” reporting and other related matters to the MEDMS Help Desk (207-624-6896) or to John O’Brien at (207) 624-6639 or e-mail:    john.o’   Again, thank you for all of your work in this and other data collection areas.   We are all too aware that the Department’s MEDMS development project with all its components has required enormous efforts on the part of local districts.   We are deeply appreciative of your efforts and will continue to seek ways to keep the work manageable.