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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, and Directors of Special Education


FROM:           Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:            September 30, 2004


RE:                 Local Assessment System (LAS) Data Collector



            I am pleased to send the URL for the LAS DATA COLLECTOR, a temporary tool available for schools to use to collect student scores on local assessments based on the Maine Learning Results.  Along with the tool itself, there is a set of step-by-step directions for its use.  The Data Collector is not designed to be “networkable” and will not support teacher access at classroom computers.  Moreover, to ensure consistency and accuracy of data entry, it is recommended that one person with an understanding of Excel be responsible for entering the data if possible.  You will also notice a link to optional forms that can be used by classroom teachers to record the assessment information for the individual who will enter the data.


            The LAS data collector is a means for SAUs that do not already have a local assessment data management system to capture student scores.  Currently, it has no analyzing capabilities of its own.  However, we do plan to add functions that will allow a few types of reports.  The LAS data collector will be replaced by the MEDMS local assessment system module when that application becomes available.


            For questions specific to the data collector and the accompanying user manual, please contact Mark Krawec at 624-6862 (