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INFORMATIONAL LETTER #   41                                       TIME SENSITIVE REQUEST




TO:                  Superintendents (Please forward to Technology Directors, School Principals, and Central Office Data Personnel)


FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:             September 22, 2004


RE:                   MEDMS Student Information Data Collection – October 13, 2004 Deadline


            On Monday, September 20, the Department distributed Administrative Letter #12 requesting that districts complete the October Resident Enrollment Reports (EF-M-11 and EF-M-11E).  These reports represent the final year that the October 1 student enrollment data will be collected in this manner.  Beginning next year, the process will be conducted entirely through the Maine Educational Data Management System (MEDMS).  This year, however, we will be collecting student enrollment data using both systems for the following reasons:


·        The MEDMS student enrollment data module contains fields not required in the EF-M-11 and 11E:  demographic and enrollment data required for NCLB reporting purposes;

·        The Department will be assigning a unique student identifier this year for each student in the State;

·        By collecting data in this redundant manner, the Department and local districts will be able to test the system for accuracy; and

·        Importantly, student data from MEDMS (both enrollment and demographic) will be used to “populate” the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) test forms this year (both regular and the MEA Online);

·        These data will also be used during the scoring and analysis phase, including calculation of federal AYP status.


To ensure a successful and timely transmission of data, it is important that local superintendents take the following immediate steps:


·        Contact your Student Information System (SIS) vendor to make sure that your SIS system is capable of creating a MEDMS compliant data file.  Information about the data requirements can be found on the MEDMS home page at:  This site outlines the data that is required for the initial data entry and that which can be added at a later date.

·        Ensure that your Technology Director contacts Department staff member Jeff Mao at to assist in preparing and exporting your data to MEDMS.

·        Determine whether your district will be able to export all student enrollment data by the deadline of October 13, 2004 or whether you will need to focus on just the 8th grade data, which will be required for MEA Online training sessions in the near future.  Districts unable to meet the October 13th deadline for all students will have until November 1, 2004 to complete the MEDMS enrollment data collection for the remainder of your students.

·        Set a target date for entering you local district’s data.  MEDMS will begin accepting student data on Monday, September 27, 2004.


To support local Technology Directors and data entry personnel, the Department will schedule regional training sessions in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, the MEDMS website listed above will post training materials to be used in the regional training sessions. 


Also expect in the coming days an Informational Letter on this year’s MEA, including more details about the MEA Online training sessions.


I appreciate your continued support for the implementation of MEDMS.  Though the growing pains are often more noticeable than the progress, we are in much better shape this fall than we were last spring.  Our continued hope is that, when completed, MEDMS will not only provide us critically important data but do so in an efficient and cost effective manner. 


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