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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools


FROM:             Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:             September 17, 2004




Over the past several months, Department personnel have reviewed the previous Public School Annual School Approval Report document known as the School Approval Blue Check List, EF-I-291 Annual, and have expanded it to include more details for each of the categories covered by applicable statutes and regulations governing schools, in an attempt to meet two significant goals: (1) to provide the Department with documentation of each school’s compliance with the laws and regulations; and (2) for administrators to have a more complete list of the requirements to use as a self assessment tool.


On the attached EF-I-291 for 2004-2005, please respond to each of the indicators, choosing either the C column for completed; I for incomplete; or W to indicate that the school was granted a waiver by the Department. Choosing I as a response does not excuse the school from that requirement. It means that the school understands that the requirement must be met and is working to meet the regulations in the best interests of students.


Please submit the completed document to Edwin N. Kastuck, Ph.D., Cross Office Building, State House Station 23, Augusta, Maine 04333, or e-mail to on or before October 31, 2004. Dr. Kastuck can also be reached for questions at 624-6776. If the document is e-mailed, a signed original copy of the electronic version should be submitted as well. Please remember that you must download the blank form to your computer as a document before you can fill it out.  Then, if you are returning it electronically, you will send it as an attachment to your e-mail response to Mr. Kastuck.

To access the full text of Chapters cited:


Ch. 33        Use of Timeout Rooms, Therapeutic Restraints and Aversives in Public Schools and Approved Private Schools
Ch. 51        Child Nutrition Programs in Public Schools and Institutions
Ch. 81        Uniform School Bus Standards for Pupil Transportation in Maine
Ch. 104      Education Programs for Gifted and Talented Children
Ch. 115      Credentials Review Standards for Certification of Education (and Auxiliary
                  School) Personnel
Ch. 125      Basic Approval Standards: Public Schools and School Administrative Units
Ch. 126      Immunization Requirements for Children
Ch. 127      Instructional Program, Assessment, and Diploma Standards

Ch. 161     Purchase and Storage of Hazardous Chemicals  is the official web site for the school approval report form for Public Schools.  Please remember to download to your computer as a document before attempting to fill it out.  You can then return it as an attachment to Mr. Kastuck in your e-mail to him.