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TO:                   Superintendents of Schools

FROM:             Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner

DATE:              March 11, 2005

RE:                    April 1st Resident Enrollment Report (EF-M-12) and Reimbursement for Students Enrolled in Equivalent Instruction Programs Report (EF-M-12E)

The following April Enrollment forms are available on the Department of Education’s Website:  

EF-M-12          April 1st Resident Enrollment Report

EF-M-12E        Reimbursement for Students Enrolled in Equivalent Instruction Programs Report

These reports must be completed as of April 1 and returned no later than April 15, 2005.   These forms may be downloaded from the Department of Education’s Forms Page at:


This site includes the forms, completion instructions and the necessary definitions.   If you have difficulty downloading these forms, please call Patrick Dow at 624-6797 for assistance.

The information on these reports is utilized in the determination of State and Federal funding.   Therefore, I know you understand how important it is to file these reports on time and to ensure that they are accurate.   I encourage you to file the EF-M-12 report via the electronic Excel version of the form; this method improves speed and accuracy by performing many of the calculations for you.

If the EF-M-12 is not received by April 15, your school unit’s subsidy checks will be withheld until the report is received.


Please note that the following enrollment categories have been removed:

Elementary Special Education, Secondary Special Education, and Transitional Grade 1.

These categories have been removed so that data reporting will be consistent with No Child Left Behind and the new MEDMS student database system.

Please read the definitions on the forms (available on the website listed above) for instructions about how to report these students.

An emailed copy of the EF-M-12 with a faxed or mailed signature page is preferred.   However, the EF-M-12E spreadsheet is not supported electronically at this time and a paper copy must be mailed or faxed as usual.

 Transfer Students or Superintendents’ Agreements – the Department has discontinued the use of forms EF-M-11/12a - NOTIFICATION OF TRANSFER OF STUDENTS TO ANOTHER UNIT and EF-M-11/12b - NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF STUDENTS TRANSFERRED FROM OTHER UNITS.   Item 9, on the EF-M-12 April 1st Resident Enrollment Report, replaces these forms for reporting students transferred from one school administrative unit to another school administrative unit under 20-A M.R.S.A., Section 5205(6)(A).

If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Dow in the Management Information Systems Team at 624-6797 or email