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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools


FROM:           Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:            July 9, 2004


RE:                 Applications for 2004-05 Temporary Interim Instructional Space and Administrative Lease Purchase Space Reimbursement


I.        RENEWALS


Applications for the RENEWAL of the following must be submitted to the Department of Education by September 1, 2004.



**RENEWAL applications for instructional space approved by the Department for the 1999-2000 school year, or previous years, must be accompanied by a copy of the long range facilities plan and a completed Application for Revolving Renovation Fund and New Temporary Interim Instructional Leased Space as well as the EF-B-56T.  When completing the EF-B-56T, please refer back to your approved 2003-04 application for the appropriate lease number (Line 5).


II.    NEW


To help ensure compliance with rules and eligibility for support, applications for NEW Temporary Interim Instructional Space must include:


1.   Application for Revolving Renovation Fund parts I, II, III, & IV

2.   Application for Temporary Interim Instructional Space (EF-B-56T). 


***NEW Temporary Interim Instructional Space applications may be submitted at any time, but to be eligible for subsidy support for 2004-05, applications must be submitted to the Department of Education by September 1, 2004.




All 2004-05 application forms for requesting subsidy support are posted on line at: or you may contact Karen Bossie or Timothy Gill for an electronic or hard copy.


For your convenience, the Department of Education's Chapter 064 rules governing lease space are available at:


After September 17, 2004 you may go online to to view a listing of approved leases.  We encourage you to use this resource to verify the status of your application(s).  This database will be updated each Friday until October 1, 2004, at which time all of the listings will be final.  The Department of Education will no longer provide a written copy of lease approval; the online database will serve as formal notice of approval for all leases.  If a hard copy is necessary to keep on file, you may highlight, copy, paste, and print the section of the database that includes your individual school district. 


For further information regarding leases, please contact Karen Bossie ( at (207) 624-6848 or Timothy Gill ( at (207) 624-6887.