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To:       Maine Superintendents of Schools

From:   Betty M. Lamoreau, Director, Division of Purchases

Re:       Purchasing through State of Maine Contracts

Date:    October 5, 2004

Maine statute [5 MRSA §1811 (8)] authorizes the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, through the Bureau of General Services’ Division of Purchases, to permit any political subdivision or School Administrative District in Maine to purchase foodstuffs, materials, equipment and supplies via our competitively bid contracts, our warehouse, our electronic catalog system, or they may make one-time purchases using our on-line bid and response system.

The Division of Purchases’ web site ( posts a current commodity contract list with information for each commodity as to Contractor, Address, Telephone Number, and whether the vendor has agreed to extend the state pricing to political subdivisions and schools.  On the website, scroll down until you come to a table of option boxes, and click on “Contract Listing.”  On the listing:

·        The column titled “PAL OPEN” indicates whether the contractor will extend the contract pricing to municipalities and schools (Yes or No).  Purchasers may contact the contractor directly to place orders, indicating that they are purchasing under the State of Maine’s pricing, or they may order through the e-catalog if available (see next bullet.)

·        The column titled “E-CATALOG” indicates whether a contract is posted on Public Buy Net (Yes or No).  To purchase through the Public Buy Net system, municipalities and schools must contact Jill Cogswell (624-7335) at the Division of Purchases to sign up and obtain a user ID and password for this on-line ordering system.  Once sign-up is completed, you can order these products on line.

·        The column titled “WHYES” indicates whether or not the item is carried in our warehouse (Yes or No).  Purchasers can either purchase these items through the Public Buy Net system described above, or call the Central Warehouse to place orders at telephone number 207-287-3641.

In addition to these opportunities to participate in already-established contracts, municipalities and schools are also welcome to participate in “spot” purchases of products as we go out to bid for them.  Going back to the option boxes on our web site, click on “Commodities” to find out which of our Procurement and Contracting Specialists is responsible for the specific commodity you want to purchase.  He or she will by happy to add your detailed requirements, specifications and quantities to the next scheduled solicitation.  Responses to your specifications will be turned over to you for vendor selection and purchase. 

We welcome your interest in buying through the Division of Purchases.