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TO:                  Superintendents, Technology Coordinators other interested parties


FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner, Department of Education


DATE:             December 24, 2003


SUBJECT:       No Child Left Behind Act Title IID Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant Request for Proposals  (RFP) Issued


On July 1, 2003, the Maine Department of Education was awarded a grant under the No Child Left Behind Act Title IID, Enhancing Education Through Technology (Ed Tech) Program.  As part of that grant, the Department of Education is required to award one half of the proceeds, minus 5% of the total retained for technical assistance and administration, in competitive grants.  Therefore, the Department is requesting proposals from Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) qualified to apply under the provisions of the legislation.


Only LEAs that meet the requirements under Title IID are eligible to submit competitive grant proposals. These include: (1) LEAs deemed as “High Need,” meaning the LEA has a “Priority School” identified using the Maine Department of Education Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) calculation for 2003; and/or (2) the LEAs with the highest numbers or percentages of children from families with income below the poverty line.


For purposes of this program, the term “poverty line” means the poverty line (as defined by the Office of Management and Budget and revised annually in accordance with section 673(2) of the Community Services Block Grant Act) applicable to a family of the size involved (ESEA Section 9101(33)). Poverty data was provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Poverty rates for all LEAs can be found on the Department web site at 


Sixty-one LEAs have been determined to qualify as eligible, including 27 “Priority Schools,” and they have been sent a request for proposals. The list of LEAs eligible to submit a proposal follows, and it also appears on the Department’s web site 


Proposals may also be submitted by Eligible Local Partnerships that include: at least one “High-Need” LEA; institutes of higher education; for-profit businesses or organizations that develop, design, manufacturer, or produce technology products; and/or public or private non-profit organizations with demonstrated experience in the application of educational technology to instruction. Eligible Local Partnerships may include other LEAs, educational service agencies, libraries or other educational entities appropriate to provide local programs.


For additional information about the No Child Left Behind Act Title IID, Enhancing Education Through Technology (Ed Tech) Competitive Grants, visit the Department’s web site or contact Bob McIntire at the Department. His telephone number is 207-624-6778 or e-mail 


The deadline for proposals is 2:00 PM, January 29, 2004.  The Request for Proposals is available on the Department’s web site at 


An RFP Question and Answer session is scheduled for Wednesday, January 7, 2004, from 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM via the Maine Distance Learning Network (ATM).  Interactive sites will be determined by the reservations made.  Questions and Answers will be posted on the Department’s web site by Tuesday, January 13, 2004. A grant-writing workshop is scheduled for Thursday, January 15, 2004, also from 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM.  Written questions will be accepted and posted until January 16, 2004.  Reservations for the sessions may be made by contacting Bob McIntire at the Department.  His telephone number is 207-624-6778 and his e-mail address is


Information on the Title IID ED Tech grants can be found on the Department’s web site or on the United States Department of Education website

Title IID Local Education Agency (LEA) Ranking

LEAs eligible to apply must have a greater than 19% of families below the poverty index or have a Priority School (in BOLD)


District Name                                                                         % Below Poverty Index

1     ARTHUR R. GOULD SCH—LCYDC                                                          62.50

2     MOUNTAIN VIEW YDC                                                                             62.50

3     MSAD 19         LUBEC                                                                                 43.77

4     WESLEY SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                            34.62

5     GOV BAXTER SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF                                                 31.10

6     MSAD 37         HARRINGTON                                                                    30.71

7     MSAD 14         DANFORTH                                                                        30.38

8     EDUCATION IN UNORGANIZED TERR                                                   30.10

9     WATERVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                             30.03

10   MSAD 67         LINCOLN                                                                            29.36

11   BRIDGEWATER SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                28.44

12   ALEXANDER SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                    28.26

13   MSAD 38         DIXMONT                                                                           28.06

14   NEW SWEDEN SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                 27.64

15   MSAD 46         DEXTER                                                                               27.43

16   PEMBROKE SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                      26.80

17   PALERMO SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                         24.68

18   JONESPORT SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Elementary)                          24.50

19   MSAD 24 VAN BUREN (Van Buren High)                                               24.38

20   EASTPORT SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Shead High)                             23.87

21   EASTON SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                            23.74

22   SOUTHERN AROOSTOOK CSD                                                                23.64

23   HARMONY SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                       23.40

24   MSAD 13         BINGHAM                                                                           22.81

25   SOMERVILLE SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                   22.81

26   WOODLAND SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Woodland High)                   22.79

27   MSAD 45         WASHBURN                                                                       22.11

28   MSAD 41  MILO (Penquis Middle)                                                           21.65

29   PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                                21.57

30   MSAD 48 NEWPORT (St. Albans)                                                            21.49

31   SURRY SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                              21.46

32   EAST MILLINOCKET SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                      21.45

33   DRESDEN SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                         21.29

34   MSAD 59         MADISON                                                                           21.20

35   BEALS SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                               21.05

36   MSAD 26         EASTBROOK                                                                      20.98

37   STEUBEN SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Ella Lewis)                                 20.65

38   MSAD 25 SHERMAN STATION (Katahdin High)                                  20.43

39   MACHIAS SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                         20.12

40   MSAD 74 ANSON (Emden, Schenck Elementary)                                    20.08

41   MSAD 03         UNITY                                                                                  19.98

42   LEWISTON SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                       19.93

43   MSAD 05         ROCKLAND                                                                        19.77

44   JONESBORO SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                    19.63

45   MSAD 43         MEXICO                                                                              19.51

46   MILLINOCKET SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Middle School)                19.37

47   MSAD 09         FARMINGTON                                                                   19.21

48   BIDDEFORD SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                                     19.11

49   MECHANIC FALLS SCHOOL DEPARTMENT                                         19.05

50   MSAD 56 SEARSPORT (Stockton Springs, Searsport Middle)              18.58

51   GREENBUSH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Dunn)                                   17.08

52   MSAD 34 BELFAST (Ames, Nickserson)                                                 16.61

53   MSAD 39  BUCKFIELD (Buckfield Middle)                                            15.85

54   GLENBURN SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Glenburn Middle)                  15.36

55   TRENTON (Trenton Elementary)                                                              14.84

56   JEFFERSON SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Jefferson School)                  14.38

57   MSAD 49 FAIRFIELD (Lawrence Middle)                                               10.98

58   LISBON SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Lisbon High School)                      10.80

59   MSAD 61 BRIDGTON (Sebago)                                                               10.32

60   SABATTUS SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Sabattus)                                  2.90

61   POLAND SCHOOL DEPARTMENT (Whitter)                                        2.32