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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools


FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:             August 25, 2003


RE:                   Interdependence Day – September 12, next day, next step



            Below please find information about a resource that is most timely, given the upcoming anniversary of the tragedy of September 11, 2001.


Additional resources for celebrating character and citizenship can be found on the Department’s Character Education Partnership website at:


            I encourage you to involve your students in activities that help them reflect on the fundamental values of this country and the interdependency that is essential to democracy.












September 12, next day, next step





Interdependence Day is dedicated to learning about what helps resolve conflict.  People are still struggling with how to observe September 11.  September 12, next day, next step is an offering of hope in action.  We are asking two things of people:


          1) resolve a conflict, heal a relationship in your own life and

          2) learn more about what helps and what hinders conflict resolution.


Learning the skills of dialogue and conflict resolution is not a quick fix.  Rather, these skills are a generational strategy that, if pursued, will grow our ability to live peacefully in a world of common needs and cultural differences.


Schools are being asked to support Interdependence Day by alerting teachers to it. Teachers are being invited to participate September 12 by devoting a class period that day to a lesson on conflict resolution skills or interdependence.  The website:


has, among other things, lesson plans for educators of all grade levels.  There would be virtually no costs to the school and a minimum of planning on the part of teachers.  Participation would mostly take inspiration and showing up.


Please visit the website to see if you find the message and resources could be of value to yourself and your students.



 Join us...


Learn more about how to Resolve a conflict

in your family, neighborhood, workplace, school or congregation.


We welcome feedback or questions. Contact us: