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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools and School Administrative Unit (SAU) Point People


FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:             August 13, 2003


RE:                  Maine Educational Data Management System (MEDMS) Update


The Maine Educational Data Management System (MEDMS) Project team has been hard at work this summer trying to put the finishing touches on the Phase 1 MEDMS application being deployed to all Maine Schools to aid them in their data collection needs for the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  Despite our best efforts, we were unable to hold training during the summer months.   We have had to delay the training until mid-September due to application development issues.  We are also going to deploy the application in stages, which we believe will help schools carefully adapt to changing business practices. 


One of the most important changes of which need to be apprised is the one involving the EFM-15 form (pink form).   All staff will be completing this form on line using the MEDMS application.  We will send instructions to all schools, for distribution to their respective staff, that will assist them through the process.  For the initial outlay of the application, we will need to train your School Administrative Unit (SAU) point person on how to assign roles and security, and how to manage the components of the application for your district.  Many of you assigned point people last spring to take on this responsibility and we recorded that assignment on the MEDMS website.  You may want to visit our website at to see if the person listed is, in fact, the person you still anticipate training, or whether through the summer your staff has changed and you need to reassign this task.  If you have not assigned someone from within your SAU to this task, you may want to now, so that your SAU is not left out of this important training.  Training dates, places, and availability of spaces will be coming to you under separate cover.


A second issue is the need for MEDMS to interface with those SIS systems already in Maine schools.  Our team has spent considerable time working with the SIS vendors and the schema provided by Xwave in preparing for the upcoming 2003-04 school year.   The schema has been finalized and all SIS vendors have what they need in order to achieve this interface.


            One set of data that schools have asked for and we have posted at is the data fields that will be necessary for State and federal reporting.  Much of this information has not been collected in the past, but is now required under NCLB.  MEDMS is designed to capture all of these fields, either through web forms or by the interface with the SIS systems.   We will continue working with the SIS vendors as they develop their software to capture these fields, so that you will have a complete data set.


Because this is a new application, we will be asking school systems to provide the data to us through MEDMS as well as through the EFM-11 (October enrollment) sheets so that we can verify the accuracy of the system.   We anticipate that there will be issues that will arise, and we ask for your patience as we work through them with the SIS vendors.


We are encouraged with the development of the MEDMS project to date, and we continue to appreciate your interest as well as your patience as the remainder of the application is built and deployed to Maine schools. 


As always, if you have further questions about MEDMS you may contact the MEDMS Project Manager, Bill Hurwitch at 624-6816 or through email at