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TO: †††††††††††††††† Superintendents, High School and Middle School Principals, Guidance Directors, Curriculum Directors, and Gear-up and Alternative Education Directors


FROM: †††††††††† Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE: ††††††††††† May 14, 2004


RE:†††††††††††††††††† The Achievement of Boys: Myth or Reality


††††††††††† Enclosed is a flyer for a New England regional conference that will be addressing the educational achievement of boys as they enter adolescence and through their college years.The conference will address how boys learn to navigate the system, successfully and/or unsuccessfully.Much has been written over the past few years on how our educational system is not serving the needs of boys as well as we need to be.As you can see from the brochure we are fortunate to have Michael Thompson, an internationally known author and practitioner, as a key presenter.


††††††††††† The conference grew out of a session at the New England College Board Regional forum on the educational issues and practices of boys that was done by Dr. David Landers from St. Michaelís College in Burlington, Vermont.We are very fortunate that he has enthusiastically agreed to continue this discussion with a broader audience of educators in New England. Funded through the Advanced Placement Incentive Program funds from the U.S. Department of Education, this conference is a collaborative effort of the Departments of Education of Maine and Connecticut, the Regional Academic Advisory Committee of the New England College Board, and the New England Regional Office of the College Board.The conference is intended for educators from the middle school level through the college level.


††††††††††† The conference will take place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at the Holiday Inn on June 9th. The times for the conference are noted on the flyer.Registration costs will be covered for one person from each university/college/community college, and one person from each school district representing high school/academy and middle school (grades 6-12).†† Overnight lodging costs for June 8th will be provided if the participant lives or works more than 50 miles from Portsmouth, NH.Mileage will be covered for one vehicle from each district.All registrations must be received by June 1, 2004.Send in the registration form, and registration fee if appropriate, to Carole King, Maine Department of Education, 23 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333 no later than June 1, 2004.After that date, if additional funds are available, the costs for an additional person from each district may be funded on a first come first serve basis.


††††††††††† If you have any questions please contact Wanda Monthey, at 624-6831, or Nancy Lamontagne, 624-6822,




June 9 Lodging and Directions


Flyer for Underachievement of our Boys