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TO: Superintendents of Schools


FROM:          Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE: July 24, 2003


RE: Application Availability for Revolving Renovation Loan Fund - Priority Two and Priority Three Needs


I am pleased to announce that the Department has finalized Maine Department of Education Regulation Chapter 64, Rules for the Revolving Renovation Loan Fund, that provides the opportunity to now address Priority Two and Priority Three needs, in addition to Priority One needs. Chapter 64 allows for funding of up to $3 million per school.


To date, the Revolving Renovation Loan Fund has provided nearly $70 million to address Priority One: Health and Safety issues in 98 School Administrative Units, and has affected 184 Maine schools. The process now provides opportunities for the Fund to assist with Priority Two: Facility System Renewals/Repairs and Improvements (other than health, safety and compliance issues) and Priority Three: Improvements and Upgrades of Learning Spaces and Small Scale Capital Improvements.


Currently Revolving Renovation Loan Fund resources available to address Priority One, Two and Three applications are limited and the statewide need for assistance with school facilities is significant. The Fund is still obligated to address the many existing and ongoing Priority One needs. Therefore, the competition for funds will be substantial, so I ask you to carefully consider your needs and to focus on the most critical needs in your application.


Chapter 64, Rules for the Revolving Renovation Loan Fund, can be found at:


Program description, application forms, and materials can be found at:


The application deadline for any Priority Three application is October 6, 2003. Priority One and Priority Two applications will continue to be accepted, as usual, on an ongoing basis. The Department will provide informational sessions on July 29, 2003, and August 14, 2003, from 9:00 a.m. until noon at the four A.T.M. sites listed below to provide information regarding the Revolving Renovation Loan Fund application process. I encourage you to participate in one of these sessions.

Augusta Burton Cross Office Building, Room 103

Bangor Bangor Public Library

Caribou Caribou Technical Center

Gorham Gorham High School  [Changed to South Portland High School]


If you have any questions about the Revolving Renovation Loan Fund, please contact Michael Kucsma at (207) 624-6885 or Jay Readinger at (207) 624-6886.