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Administrative Letter No:  19


Policy Code:DI


TO:          Superintendents of Schools

††††††††††††††† Directors of Vocational Regions


FROM:†† Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


RE:††††††††† Cash Monitoring Procedures at the Sub-recipient Level


DATE:††† October 27. 2003


This letter is to inform you that the FY 2004 EF-U-415, Federal Programs Cash Management Report form, is now available on the WEB at the following URL:


The EF-U-415 is not to be sent to the Department of Education monthly; just complete the form on a monthly basis, and mail it to the Department on a quarterly basis.

The WEB address contains a list of all of the Departmentís forms.The EF-U-415 is listed near the bottom of the page and is entitled Federal Programs Cash Management Report.The Administrative Letter and instructions, when clicked, will give you the latest directions for completing the form.The form itself is located by clicking on the EF-U-415 Excel icon.

You may complete the form online and email it to Darlene Tarr at .

Remember, the EF-U-415 form is to report dollars received for Federal Programs only, and only those funds received from this Department.No State subsidy payments are to be reported using this form.

To ensure compliance with Federal regulations, the Department will withhold all Federal grant payments if this form is not received,

Also, if you are required to send a signed original (because you emailed or faxed your form) or a revised form in to the Finance Sub-Team, you will have 5 working days to do so.If the revised form is NOT received within the 5 working days, you will be considered in non-compliance and all Federal grant payments will be withheld.

Education Department General Administrative Regulations (E.D.G.A.R.), 34 CFR, PT. 80(12), grants authority to the awarding agency to place conditions and restrictions on sub-recipients if it is determined there is a history of unsatisfactory performance or if the sub-recipient has a management system which does not meet management standards.Special conditions or restrictions may include: (1) withholding authority to proceed to the next phase until receipt of evidence of acceptable performance within a given funding period; and (2) requiring additional, more detailed financial reports.

Carefully review the instructions for completing the report and contact your Federal program director(s) if you have any questions or need assistance.Please note that the due date for filing the first report is January 15, 2004.

All Federal funds WILL BE WITHHELD if reports are not received by the Department of Education by the 15th of the month due.These payments will not be issued until the report is received and the next regularly scheduled payments are to be made.

If you have any questions, you can email Lesley Ann Clark at or Darlene Tarr at , or contact them by phone at 624-6866 for Lesley Ann Clark, or 624-6873 for Darlene Tarr.

If you have questions concerning this notice, please contact Judith Malcolm, Team Leader, Support Systems Team or Lesley Ann Clark, Supervisor of Accounting at 624-6866.