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An Integrated Approach to Help Children and Youth who Experience School Disruption Due To:  Homelessness, Foster Care Placement, Correctional Facility Placement and In-Patient Psychiatric Care


Role of Contact Person/Liaison

Within Correctional Facilities, School District, State Agencies,

and In-Patient Psychiatric Facilities*

*(The term “agency” will be used to describe correctional facilities, school districts, state agency and in-patient psychiatric facilities in the description below)  



Role of Contact Person/Liaison:


v     Determines who is/are the best person/team within “the agency”* to assist with the student’s support plan.

v     Encourages use of natural communication channels that already exist in their “own agency”*

v     Assists with the process if there is a breakdown in communication, i.e., can work with staff within own “agency”* or among “agencies”* to facilitate communication and support of children and youth.

v     Reviews internal protocol of own “agency”* to enhance communication among staff who can assist youth

v     Attends (or sends designee to) regional liaison meetings that are held 2 to 3 times a year.

v     Informs own staff of new policies or programs or resources regarding these children and youth.


The  person in this capacity should:


v     Have knowledge of confidentiality laws

v     Have knowledge of protocols and staffing of “agency”*

v     Have ability to work with administrative and general staff to review internal protocols

v     Have ability to communicate information from regional liaison meetings with appropriate staff from own “agency”.

v     Have general understanding of policies and issues affecting these children and youth and is willing to participate in ongoing professional development when appropriate

v     Have general knowledge of program or resources affecting these children and youth.

v     Be willing to participate in ongoing professional development for carrying out this role.