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TO:                Superintendents of Schools


FROM:          Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:           June 16, 2003


RE:                Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS)






The Department of Education and our contractor XWAVE, New England are ready to accept student data from district Student Information System (SIS) vendors in order to begin testing the MEDMS file transfer process.  This will assist the SIS vendors in preparing their actual student records in the required format in order to meet the deadline for the July transfer of data into MEDMS.  Early testing of the data transfer will keep the MEDMS development process on schedule and enable Maine to meet the deadlines required by the No Child Left Behind Act.


The Department Needs You To Contact Your District Student Information System (SIS) Vendor Immediately To:



-       The format of the data should be XML files as defined in the XML schema posted on the link to the MEDMS project web site


-       The Department contact for sending files and answering questions is John McCue, 624-6803,


* Note: files transferred will be kept confidential and used only for test purposes


If we do not hear from your SIS vendor on your behalf, student data from your school district may not go through the necessary testing within the required timeframe.




Other Important Dates In The MEDMS Project Include:







We realize that these deadlines do not give as much notice as we would all like.  Unfortunately, the MEDMS project is working within some pretty restrictive time constraints.  We appreciate your time and attention in providing this information just as quickly as possible and prior to the July 18, 2003 deadline.