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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools


FROM:            Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:             May 12, 2003


RE:                  Maine Educational Data Management System (MEDMS)



It has been some time since we have been in contact with the educational community about the Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS).  This gap in communications was a result of a number of unanticipated occurrences.  We are now back on a rigorous and tight schedule, working with our vendor, xwave New England, and are prepared to update you on what has transpired since our last correspondence.




The original timeline called for Phase I to be completed by early July, 2003.  That date has now been extended to approximately the end of August, 2003. Subsequently, Phase II may need to be extended past December, 2003.  It is also important to note that the local assessment segment is part of Phase II.  The following list identifies the different kind of data that will be part of Phase I and Phase II.


Phase I

q       School System Data

q       Pupil Enrollment Data

q       Special Education Student Data

q       Special education Programs Data

q       Safe and Drug-Free School Information Data

q       ESL/Bilingual Data

q       Critical Vacancies Data

q       Certification Data

q       School Nutrition Data

q       Common Core Data – To USDOE

q       Support Staff Data

q       Home Schooling Data

q       School Profile Data

q       MEA (Maine Educational Assessment) Data


Phase II

q       School Bus Data

q       Facilities Management Data

q       Vocational Students Data

q       Donated Commodities Data

q       GED Data

q       School Finance Data

q       Essential Services and Programs Data

q       General Purpose Aid (GPA) Data

q       Migrant Education Data

q       Local Assessment Data


The following School Information System (SIS) vendors have contacted us and we are now in the process of talking with them.  It appears from our preliminary conversations with these vendors that they will be able to interface with the MEDMS system by making some alterations to their systems.  If a school does not have a SIS vendor they will be able to load their data directly into the MEDMS system.  If you have a SIS vendor, and that vendor is not listed below you need to have your vendor contact John McCue at


Abante Systems

Beacon School Media



Maine SIS




Power School




School Master


Wicked Good Software


The MEDMS Team is now in the process of meeting with different groups across the state to help explain what is going on in the project and to answer questions.  All questions relating to the project have not been resolved at this time.  The emphasis is presently on the Phase I items.  We will be starting on the Phase II items sometimes in July.  We are fully aware of your concerns associated with the management of data associated with the local assessment segment.  The personnel responsible for assessment are presently working on the details of what will be reported and how it will be reported.  Questions about local assessment should be directed to Pam Rolfe at, while questions specific to MEDMS should be directed to Karen Caprio at


In order to have direct contact with every district we are asking each Superintendent to identify a point person for his/her district.  This will be the point of contact for all future MEDMS correspondence, informational updates and questions.  Responsibilities of this person will include:



The point person should have a good understanding of technology, student information systems and school data.  Each Superintendent is asked to log onto and provide the following information:


District Name:

Superintendent’s Name:

District Address:


Point Person:

Point Person Phone:

Point Person Email:


I hope that this information helps to clarify where we are with MEDMS and who your points of contact should be for any questions that you still may have around the project.