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POLICY CODE:             FD


TO:                             Superintendents of Schools


FROM:                       Susan A. Gendron, Commissioner


DATE:                        April 8, 2003


SUBJECT:                 Facilities Management Template: Maintenance Expense Funding Level



I am pleased to announce that another component of the Facilities Management Template is now posted on the Department website and is available for your use. The Maintenance Expense Funding Level (MEFL) data has been posted to the internet at


These data display the cost of maintenance and operation of each school districts’ facilities in three ways:

  1. As a percentage of total district expenses;
  2. As a cost per square foot of building space; and
  3. As a cost per student in the district.


These costs are displayed for the previous three years for which complete data are available:

  1. Academic year 1999-2000            (FY2000)
  2. Academic year 2000-2001            (FY2001)
  3. Academic year 2001-2002      (FY2002)


As soon as data for FY 03 are available they will be posted. The annual data will enable districts to track cost trends over time as enrollments and other factors change. These data are intended to complement the Maine School Facilities Maintenance Plan (MeSFMP). The MeSFMP is required of all schools as part of the Comprehensive Education Plan. The MeSFMP sets standards of care and operation for school facilities while the MEFL describes the cost of various levels of care, compliance with state and federal laws, and adherence to best practices described in the plan.


For more information about the Maine School Facilities Maintenance Plan please go to


School districts that do not operate schools are highlighted in red on the MEFL. Those districts that have not submitted their square foot data are highlighted in blue. If your data is missing, please contact


It is very important for districts to check their data for accuracy. The Department does not collect facilities square foot data on a regular basis. Until we develop that data collection system, districts should verify the square foot data contained in the Maintenance Expense Funding Level.


If you have questions about the Maintenance Expense Funding Level, please contact