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Informational Letter:  39


Policy Code:  KGD


TO:                  All Superintendents, Principals, Applied Technology Center and Region Directors


FROM:            J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner of Education


DATE:             January 21, 2003


SUBJECT:       Software Donation


I am sure that most of you already are aware of the partnership between EDS located in Plano, Texas and the State of Maine to implement the largest learning technology program in the history of the State.  Governor King announced this partnership at a press conference on November 7, 2002. (EDS, the leading global services company, provides strategy, implementation, business transformation and operational solutions for clients managing the business and technology complexities of the digital economy.)


EDS has donated almost $500 million in high tech software to be used in Maine’s middle and high schools, applied technology centers and regions, technical colleges and university campuses and the Maine Maritime Academy. This state of the art software is part of EDS’s Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) package. Over 24,000 world-class manufacturers, including over 400 businesses in the State of Maine, use the same PLM tools. The software consists of Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) programs.


There are two types of software. Unigraphics is a very high tech package with a multitude of modules. Each of the 27 applied technology centers and regions will receive 30 seat licenses for Unigraphics. (The Maine Technical College System, the University of Maine System and the Maine Maritime Academy will receive 50 seat licenses for each of their campuses.) The potential for real world, integrated learning and collaboration among and between classes and institutions is limitless.


Solid Edge is the second type of software being donated. It is a mid-range program.  EDS is donating the Solid Edge software to 130 high schools and 20 middle schools.  Each of these schools will receive 30 site license modules from which copies can be made, as needed.


We will be using a process similar to the distribution of the laptops to distribute the software.  You will need to sign an Opt-In agreement for each set of licenses and you will also need to sign a contract with EDS. They will come to you in one package.


The applied technology centers and regions will also need to submit a separate form, to the Department of Education, listing all of the computers on which the software will be installed.  We will need brand names, model numbers and serial numbers for each computer to be used since the software will be locked into each PC.  Those forms will be included in the package we will send to you.


Many schools have already indicated an interest and a readiness to accept the software; and EDS will be providing training for teachers for those schools that opt in. We will be sending out notices regarding times and locations of trainings.  Training is usually held in the Boston area but we will try to arrange for at least some of the training to be held in Maine.  Once schools have the materials, teachers also will be given a password to access on-line tutorials and the help desk.


I have attached a detailed description of the two software packages to give you a better idea of how best to place the software in your schools and classes. We have also scheduled a “technology day” with people from EDS. 


We are truly delighted to be able to offer such an incredible opportunity to so many of our schools and institutions of learning. This gift will help Maine to meet its goal of creating “the most digitally literate society on earth.”



Attachment:  Product Bundles