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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools and Technology Coordinators


FROM:           J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:            November 14, 2002


RE:                 ATM Service and E-Rate, School Year 2002-2003


The following is TIME SENSITIVE material that must be immediately forwarded to the individual responsible for filing for E-rate services.  A copy of this e-mail and all associated attachments are additionally available at:


School systems initially purchasing or continuing to purchase ATM service during school year 2003-2004, who are planning to apply for Federal e-rate discounts for that service, should be aware that the following steps are required:


Procedure for obtaining E-rate discount for monthly ATM line fees:


A.     Form 470,  Schools and Libraries Division, Universal Service Administrative Company (formally SLC).


The Maine Department of Education has already submitted an E-rate form 470 on behalf of ALL eligible schools, libraries, vocational centers and regions.


B.     Verizon Contract, Each individual site must have signed service contract with Verizon before Form 471 is submitted.


The State has a master contract with Verizon to provide ATM service to any eligible school, library, vocational center or region in Maine BUT each site must have an individual contract for service.  To obtain an individual contract with Verizon, call Barry Crommett at (207-878-4292) or Jeff Fink at (207-878-4237) or toll free at (800-244-3250).  Remember that your site will be the billed entity for this service, NOT the Department of Education.


C.     Form 471, Schools and Libraries Division, Universal Service Administrative Company


Once you have signed a contract for ATM service with Verizon, each school must then submit a Form 471.  A template for this form is attached in PDF and Word format.


Form 471, and all associated materials, must be sent to the Schools and Libraries Division, Universal Administrative Company, and be postmarked by midnight on January 16, 2003.


Follow the instructions for Block 4-A of Form 471 carefully to determine which discount applies to your application.  If the ATM line service applies to only one site, (i.e., it is not used to transport data to other buildings within your school system) you will use the school’s specific discount rate.  If the ATM line service applies to more than one site, (i.e., provides data to more than one building) the aggregate discount arrived at in Block 4-A will be the discount used.


How to submit form 471 to the Schools and Libraries Division, Universal Service Administrative Company – Forms may be either printed and completed manually for mailing (address on the forms) or filed electronically through the following URL:  Those wishing to submit an electronic version must use a computer with Windows 95 or higher.  The forms are also available via mail by calling the Client Service Bureau at (888-203-8100).  For additional e-rate support, please contact Lev Sherman, Sylvia Norton, or Edna Comstock (1-800-322-8899) at the Maine State Library.


For further information about the status of the ATM Distance Learning Network, please contact Steve Vose at the Department of Education at 624-6779 or via e-mail at



Click below to access Form 471 Filing Attachment:


Adobe (PDF) Format