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TO:                  Superintendents of Maine School Systems

                        Headmasters of Private Secondary Schools


FROM:            J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


RE:                   Recruiter Access to Students


DATE:             December 16, 2002



As follow up to the informational memo of October 9, 2002, we have received the following guidance on providing information to Military Recruiters.


Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to provide information on students to military recruiters.  The US Department of Education has been working with the Department of Defense for a number of months now on joint guidance to schools.  Attached are a joint letter from Secretaries Paige and Rumsfeld, the guidance, and model notification.


Generally speaking, Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that are recipients of ESEA funds must provide, upon request, students’ name, address, and phone number to military recruiters.  Typically recruiters are asking for information on juniors and seniors.  If the LEA has a “directory information” policy under FERPA in effect, and those three items are included in the FERPA “directory information” notification, then the school must provide this information to recruiters.  On the other hand, if the LEA does not have a “directory information” policy and/or does not designate any of those three items as “directory information”, then the LEA would have to do a separate, specific notice to parents (presumably of the juniors and seniors) and allow the parents (or students 18 or older) to opt-out.


Link Attachments:    

joint letter from Secretaries Paige and Rumsfeld

The guidance

model notification