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                        * Please share with Principals and School Board Members


To:                   Superintendents of Schools


FROM:            J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner, Department of Education


RE:                   Vouchers for Facilitation Services for the Process of Community Identification of Core Values


DATE:             February 22, 2002


The Department, under the Character Education Partnership grant, has established a voucher system for facilitation services to assist schools in facilitating their community processes for identification of core values consistent with Taking Responsibility:  Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior in Maine Schools and Communities.  The recommended process is described in Chapter 3 of the Report.


School, community and parent representatives are included in the group being trained as facilitators.  Names of facilitation trainees were provided by:  1) Shelley Reed, School Guidance Consultant at the Department of Education; 2) Susan Savell, Executive Director of Communities for Children; or 3) Angela Burgess of the Maine Parent Federation; or they were included because of their longstanding interest or participation in the Partnership.  There are approximately thirty-five (35) trainees who will be available across the State by mid-April.  The work of the facilitators will be critical to the statewide effort to implement the recommendations set forth in Taking Responsibility:  Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior in Maine Schools and Communities.


Facilitation training to those identified as trainees will be provided by the Institute for Global Ethics, a State Partner to the Character Education Partnership and a resource that is well-known across the State.


Once the trainees have completed their training, and by April 15, 2002, we will list their names and contact information on the Department's Character Education Partnership website (, so school communities can reach them for facilitation services.  You may use facilitators from this list, or others you know who would be helpful to the process of identifying community values.


All school administrative units across the State that have not received funding under the Character Education Partnership grant will receive vouchers for use in securing facilitation services for their community values identification processes.  Each school administrative unit will receive a voucher for $150.00, and may submit the voucher to the Department for reimbursement of up to $150.00 for their documented expenses for facilitation services.  We recommend that school administrative units that make use of the services of anyone from this group of facilitators pay $75.00/person/session, assuming each facilitated session is two (2) hours long.  School administrative units may also choose to use a team of two (2) facilitators—one from the school and one from the community—if they feel that would be a more effective approach for their communities.   The school administrative unit will pay facilitators directly and then submit proof of payment with the voucher to the Department for reimbursement.  (Please submit the completed voucher and the proof of payment for facilitation services to Susan Corrente, Esq., Department of Education, 146 State House Station, Augusta, Maine  04333.)


Copies of Taking Responsibility:  Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior in Maine Schools and Communities are available at the Department.  Schools planning community sessions may order the number of copies they need from (telephone 624-6660) at the Department of Education.  Full Reports are $2/copy and Executive Summaries are $.50/copy; if schools are able to come to the Department to pick them up instead of having them mailed, the prices are $1/Report and $.25/Summary.


I urge you to join in this important work, and I hope the vouchers sent to you will help get your school and community started on the critical step of bringing the school and its community together to identify core values.


If you have any questions, please contact or at 624-6660.