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TO:                  Superintendents of Schools


FROM:            J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:             January 9, 2002


SUBJECT:       Technical Assistance with Indoor Air Quality concerns from the American Lung Association of Maine



The Department of Education works closely with the American Lung Association of Maine on initiatives related to air quality in schools, and school renovations and construction. We are pleased to collaborate with The Association on upcoming, important training opportunity for school officials.


This winter, the American Lung Association of Maine will be contacting schools in the northern Maine area as part of its Lung Healthy School project. The purpose of this effort is to identify the needs of northern Maine schools relative to a variety of lung health concerns, including school air quality and asthma. It is also intended to provide schools with assistance on how to establish environmental teams using the Tools for Schools kit, as well as with information on resources available in Maine that address specific environmental issues (such as energy conservation, integrated pest management, toxics use reduction, and health and safety requirements). Ginny Mott will be conducting this effort. Ginny is a former teacher and currently under contract with the American Lung Association of Maine to coordinate this effort.


For more information on the American Lung Association of Maine’s Lung Healthy School project, feel free to contact Norman Anderson 1-800-499-5864, email: