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TO:                 Superintendents of Schools, Principals, Curriculum /Assessment Coordinators, Social Studies Department Chairs, and MAP Pilot Year I Social Studies Teachers


FROM:           J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:            August 27, 2001


RE:                 Resource for Local Comprehensive Assessment System                               REGISTRATION for Maine Assessment Portfolio Pilot in Social Studies


We are writing to give you the opportunity to register one or more teachers for a professional development experience designed to build capacity to assess student achievement of Maine’s Learning Results in social studies. This pilot is specifically designed to assist with development of your local comprehensive assessment system.


This opportunity is for teachers to join in the second year of piloting a model of portfolio assessment in social studies based on the content standards and performance indicators from Maine’s Learning Results. MAP is supported by the Maine Department of Education and the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. 


Participants will be expected to complete the full portfolio cycle (collecting student work, organizing portfolio collection, and collaborating on scoring) and to become local leaders by sharing learnings.  They must also commit to attend three days of regional training in September, January, and May, and to pilot the social studies portfolio model with at least one full class of students during the 2001 – 2002 school year. There is no registration fee and lunch is provided for all participants.  Eisenhower funds may be used to cover the expenses of substitutes and/or travel of the participating teachers. (Details in enclosed registration form.) 


 Each individual must complete and submit a copy of the appropriate registration form by the date indicated on the bottom of the form.  Teachers who submit this form can assume they are registered, unless they hear otherwise.  No return confirmation mailing will be made.



The Maine Assessment Portfolio Project will also be field-testing portfolios for math, science, English language arts, and health education at the primary, elementary, middle, and secondary levels during the coming year, and information about participation in this phase of the project will be sent under separate cover.


We are looking forward to working with representatives of your school districts as we learn together to align teaching and learning activities with Maine’s Learning Results and develop more effective strategies for measuring achievement of standards.


 If you have questions about the project, please contact:



Content Area

Contact Person




Social Studies

Susan Smith




Grace Morgan




Dan Hupp




Pamela Rolfe




Jill Rosenblum





Enclosures:        Maine Assessment Project (MAP) SS Flyer

                         Registration Form for Social Studies