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TO:               Superintendents of Schools, and School Principals


FROM:          J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:          August 1, 2001


SUBJECT:    Maine’s Child Health Insurance Outreach -- Year 4



As you well know, a healthy child is a better learner.  Over the past three years Maine’s expansion of health insurance coverage for children has been a success. Thousands of children have received both medical and dental coverage in part because of your efforts as Maine school systems. Thank you!


The challenge continues to be reaching the thousands of children still not covered.  Once again Department of Human Services Commissioner Kevin Concannon and I are asking your continued cooperation in helping to meet the challenge of distributing applications for no-cost / low-cost Child Health Insurance coverage to Maine families.


On or before August 3rd, a shipment of brochures will be mailed to you in sufficient quantity to send home with all students in your district. We will:


·        Provide labeling on the outside of the shipment to let you know the brochures are inside;

·        Provide for the mailings directly to individual schools, including an amount 10% over your last year’s enrollment (this saves you doing the counting for school buildings and extras so you won’t run short);

·        Expand this notification through other avenues to Maine children and their families; and

·        Include a check-off box on the state school free and reduced lunch application form for families wanting more information about health insurance coverage for their children;


Attached to this letter is an order form and phone # for acquiring additional copies  of the brochure in English or a variety of other languages (please contact Edith Menning at our Department, 207-624-6689, if you have questions, and see attachment).


I realize this is a very busy time of year for you and your staff. I sincerely hope you will once again work together with us to distribute these important materials to families with other materials you send home to start the school year. Please also place copies of the brochure in places around your district where family members who visit your schools will see them. 


The contributions of educators and health providers help to safeguard our children’s present well- being and prepare them for productive, responsible, and fulfilling futures. Your efforts make a difference. Commissioner Concannon and I both Thank You and your staff for meeting this challenge.

































CC:  Public and Private School Building Administrators



Maine Department of Education

Additional Materials Order Form

August 2001


Within the next month, the Department of Human Services will be shipping Medicaid/Cub Care applications to you to distribute to your students. Please use this form to order additional English or foreign language versions of the applications.


Name:   _________________________________________________________________


School:    ________________________________________________________________


Street Address:  ___________________________________________________________


Mailing Address:  __________________________________________________________


City:    ___________________________    State:    __________    Zip:    ______________



Version Quantity




























NOTE:  Khmer and Vietnamese versions are being translated.  We expect to be able to mail copies of those brochures/applications after October 15, 2001.  All other language versions are currently available and will be shipped upon receipt of the order.



Please submit your order to Edith Menning by fax to 207 624-6691; by telephone to 207 624-6689; by e-mail to; or by mail to Edith Menning, Coordinating School Health Programs, Department of Education, 23 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0023.