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TO: Superintendents of Schools/Private School Administrators


FROM: J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE: July 25, 2001


SUBJECT:        School Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs Agreements,                           School Nutrition Applications



Welcome to the 2001-02 school year and thank you for your continued good work of offering high quality nutritious and appealing meals to all Maine students. Please join us in preparing for this school year by reviewing the following information.


1)                  Program Agreement


a)      Please complete and return the enclosed Policy Statement and Attachment 4, Suggested Anonymity and Accountability Systems, by August 13, 2001.


b)      The program application is available on the web and must be completed by each district prior to submitting claims for reimbursement for School Year 2001-02. The application which is filed via the internet must be submitted and approved by October 10. Failure to complete an application by the deadline will delay claims payment. The web address is


2) Reimbursement Rates for the 2001-02 School Year


The following are Federal reimbursement rates for student breakfast, lunch, milk, and after school snacks:






Severe Need


After School








$ .20

$ .21

$ .21

$ .145

$ .05

Reduced Price


$ .85


$ .28





$ .57



Public schools will receive State reimbursement per lunch in addition to the Federal reimbursement.

3)                  Food Distribution Program


The Food Distribution Program will be completed electronically. The information will be entered by district staff. Local staff will need an ID and password to access the Food Distribution (FD) System The donated commodity entitlement will be $.155 for the 2001-2002 school year.


4) Provision of Meals by or for Other Organizations


Please submit a copy of all contracts to the School Nutrition Office of the Maine Department of Education for approval under Federal regulations. If your school food service is providing meals to or receiving meals from another school administrative unit, a non-profit agency, any other administrative unit, or any other organization, your contracts need approval from this Department. A checklist which includes all regulation changes to date is available to assist you in developing contracts with other agencies. Please contact Walter Beesley at 624-6875 or e-mail: for the checklist specific to your contracting situation.

5) Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals and Free Milk (SNP-15 and SNP-15M)


Quantities of printed applications are not available from this office. Each School Administrative Unit must print a sufficient number of applications to cover the projected student enrollment.


For your convenience we have enclosed "camera ready" copies of each side of the Application for School Meals and one set for Free Milk. Should you need applications in other languages please contact Mary Moody at (207) 624-6876 or e-mail Please be reminded that applications need to be printed front and back. Applications will also be available on the Department of Education Web site: and may be downloaded.


Each set is separated by a sample form printed front and back on colored paper. DO NOT print your forms from the samples as they will reproduce poorly.


Applications for free and reduced price meals are also available in several languages. Should you need copies please contact Sandy St.Michel at (207) 624-6843 or e-mail


6)                  Predetermination of Students for Free Meals or Milk


Letters of notification of predetermined eligibility for free meals or free milk will be available on-line.


The legal agent (Superintendent or Headmaster) will be the only one authorized to access the direct certification list.


Students who have a pre-approval letter do not need to fill out a free and reduced price application.


7)                  Verification of Free and Reduced Price Meals


Federal law requires that verification of applications for free and reduced price meals under the School Nutrition Program be completed by December 15, 2001. This process is to verify the accuracy of information submitted by the applicant. School districts undertake the verification

process at the local level and submit the attached report to the Maine Department of Education by December 20, 2001. Failure to complete verification could effect claims for reimbursement and grant payments.

8)                  Charges to Children


The student lunch rate for the 2001-02 school year remains unchanged for elementary students and is increased by $.05 for high school students. The maximum rate is $1.50 for elementary students and $1.75 for high school students.


9) School Policy on Handling Lost, Stolen or Misused Meal Tickets and Charging Meals


Schools need to establish a separate written policy regarding lost, stolen and replacement of tickets that provides for equal treatment to children in all meal payment or eligibility groups. Sample guidelines are enclosed.


10) ID and Passwords

Please be reminded the ID and passwords assigned to a person is the same as a legal signature. Any task completed while using the ID is recorded as a legal signature.




Policy Statement Addendum

Letters to parents -- Meals    Milk      

French Letter to Parents -- Instruction

Application For Free And Reduced Price School Meals

Application for Free Milk

Notification of Eligibility Determination        for Milk Only

Accountability System

Free and Reduced Price Income Guidelines

Verification Report (Appendix 18)

Guidelines for School Policies on Handling Lost, Stolen or Misused Tickets and Charging Meals

Calendar of Events


For additional information please contact:


         Walter Beesley, Education Specialist, School Nutrition Programs, 207-624-6875 or e-mail:

         Mary Moody, Education Specialist, School Nutrition Programs, 207-624-6876 or e-mail:

         Judith Malcolm, Policy Director/Team Leader School Support Systems 207-624-6845 or e-mail:

         Anne Littlefield, Commodity Administrator, 207-624-6882 or e-mail:

         David Hartley, Field Examiner, 207-624-6878 or e-mail:

         Nanci Kittredge, Account Clerk, 207-624-6877 or e-mail:

         Sandy St. Michel, Secretary, School Nutrition Programs 207-624-6843 or e-mail:

         Danielle McKay, Secretary, School Nutrition Programs 207-624-6842 or e-mail: