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Informational Letter #: 51


Policy Code: 1K


To:           Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, IASA Coordinators


From:       J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


Re:           Maine’s New Title I Adequate Yearly Progress System


Date:        February 28, 2001


The Maine Department of Education is pleased to give you a copy of Not by a Single Measure: Maine’s Adequate Yearly Progress System.  The document is the result of the work the Adequate Yearly Progress Workgroup who helped to shape the new Title I Accountability System.  The system is:


beasy to understand and to calculate;

bincorporates local assessment measures;

bfocuses on the achievement of those students

most at risk of failing to meet the Learning Results;


bidentifies a small number of schools, called Priority

schools, for intensive technical assistance and support.


Schools are identified as failing to meet Adequate Yearly Progress if 70% or more of their students score below Meets the Standards with average scale scores of 536 or less in reading, writing (English/Language Arts) and mathematics for two consecutive years.  These schools are Maine’s Title I Priority Schools.  Districts with fifty percent or more Title I Priority schools are identified as Priority districts.


Schools demonstrate progress by increasing the average scale score in each content area by 3 to 5 scale score points each year over the two-year period.  Districts demonstrate progress once their Priority schools demonstrate progress for two consecutive years.  If you have questions about this document, please call Susan Wishkoski at (207) 624-6705 or e-mail her at her address:



Not by a Single Measure: Maine’s Adequate Yearly Progress System