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To: All Superintendents and Transportation Personnel


From: J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


Date: September 5, 2000


Subject: Bus Safety Advisory Bendix ABS Air Brake System Recall



Bendix Corporation and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration have announced a recall on all Bendix ABS air brake systems, which were manufactured using the Bendix Electronic Control Unit ECU17-1030R. School buses utilizing this system have been manufactured beginning in the 1998 model year and could include buses from any manufacturer.


All dealers will be receiving specific recall information and inspection and replacement information within the next day or two. If you have buses that have been manufactured since 1998, please contact the closest dealer for the specific bus manufacturer to request recall and inspection instructions. You must have the Body Number (from the body identification tag typically located on the upper right hand side of the entry stair well) for the dealer to determine if your bus is affected by the recall.


Buses that have the ECU17 control unit must be visually inspected to verify that they are roadworthy. If the inspection identifies chaffed or worn brake related wire harnesses or any displacement in the tone ring (within the wheel end of the braking system), the bus must be taken out of service immediately and remain out of service until repairs can be completed. Buses with no wear or displacement in the related brake parts must have the ECU17 control unit replaced through the dealer as replacement parts become available. Bendix Corporation has indicated that they have increased their production of replacement control units and that the new part will be available to service all affected buses by November. Parts to replace the wire harness and tone ring are in sufficient supply to meet all replacement needs at the current time.


Additional information is available by calling the Bendix Recall Hotline at 1-800-478-1793 or Harvey Boatman at the Department of Education, 207-287-5321 or by email at