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TO:†††††††††††††††† Superintendents of Schools, Private School Administrators


FROM:†††††††††† J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


DATE:††††††††††† August 1, 2000


SUBJECT:††††† Predetermination of Students for Free Meals or Free Milk


The enclosed Notification(s) of Predetermined Eligibility for Free School Meals or Free Milk will be mailed to households during the week of August 14 by the Maine Department of Human Services (DHS).Parents or guardians have the right to decline the meal benefits.The DHS Letters of Notification returned to schools without a check in the declined box may be counted as eligibility documentation.The computer printed names may be counted.Handwritten names added by a parent or guardian must be checked against the list or by calling Mary Moody at (207) 624-6876 or e-mail to confirm the studentís eligibility and provide an authorization code for the handwritten name.


A list of children living in your school administrative unit who are eligible to receive free meals for the 2000-01 school year are enclosed.The list can be used to confirm eligibility of children.Please take precautions necessary to maintain the confidentiality of the information contained on this list.This information should be available to only those individuals who have the responsibility for making meal determinations.


When a school receives a DHS Letter of Notification indicating that children from one family attend different schools within the administrative unit, notification must be provided to each school attended by students listed on the letter.If there are children listed who attend school in another school administrative unit or private school, a copy of the letter must be forwarded within (5) five days to the school of attendance.


Schools may use last yearís (1999-2000) approved applications and predetermined eligibility letters only until September 30.After that date, all master lists, rosters, and checklists must reflect new school year (2000-2001) application approvals and DHS Letters of Notification.


I thank you for your cooperation with this pre-approval process.It has saved school administrative units significant time and expense in application processing and has encouraged some students to participate in the school food service program who might not have otherwise.


If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Mary Moody at (207) 624-6876 or



Enc:††††† Sample Predetermined Eligibility Letter

Eligibility Reference List