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1.         All APPLICATIONS must be typed and one-sided.   Print may not be reduced below 10 point.



2.         Complete the COVER Page.



3.        Complete the COMMITMENT/SUMMARY page, checking “yes” to one of the questions at the top of the commitment page.  Be sure to submit this page with your application.



4.        Complete the ATTACHMENTS page.    Indicate the attachment number on the upper right corner on every page you attach.  Only those attachments requested on the page will be accepted. 



5.        Respond to the statements listed on the CRITERIA page.  

            Limit your total responses to a MAXIMUM of four one-sided typewritten pages.



6.        Complete the BUDGET page.



7.         All components of the grant application must be submitted at the same time and sent in one mailing.  Each application must include the ORIGINAL signed application and TWO COPIES.   Do not submit the application in a cover or binder.



8.         Written questions may be addressed to:            Susan Corrente, Esq.

Maine Department of Education

Cross State Office Building

146 State House Station

Augusta, ME  04333

FAX:  (207) 624-6661





Written questions will be accepted until May 11, 2001 and the questions and responses will be posted on the Department’s Web Page: