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November15, 2000






TO:  Superintendent of Schools


FROM:  J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


SUBJECT:  EF-S-05 Part II Personnel Employed, Contracted and Needed


     Enclosed you will find Part II of the EF-S-05, Personnel Employed, Contracted and Needed for 2000-2001.


     Instruction have been enclosed to assist you in completing the EF-S-05, Part II form.  Please use the enclosed checklist to double-check your work.


     Chapter 101, Special Education changes in exceptionality definitions are reflected in this years Part II form.  Hard of Hearing is now Hearing Impaired; Visual Impairment is now Visual Impairment Including Blindness; Behavioral Impaired is now Emotional Disability, and Learning Disabilities is now Specific Learning Disabilities.


     The amendments to IDEA97, known as P.L. 105-17, resulted in a change to the personnel data required on Part II.   Personnel reported on Part II should include all personnel employed, contracted, and needed to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities.  If you wish to have an electronic copy of the Part II form, please contact Kathy Fellows at or call 287-5950.


     The EF-S-05, Part II is due in the Office of Special Services by December 31, 2000.


     If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact either John Kierstead or Kathy Fellows at 287-5950 or via FirstClass ( for assistance.




Cc:  Directors of Special Education