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July 5, 2000






TO:              Superintendents of Schools, Directors of Special Education, and 
                    Directors of State Supported Programs


FROM:        J. Duke Albanese, Commissioner


RE:              EF-S-08 Local Entitlement Application (2000-2001), P.L. 105-17, 
                    Part B, Individuals with Disabilities Act


The enclosed Local Entitlement Application (EF-S-08) is to be used in requesting approval of your plan for the expenditure of Local Entitlement funds under P.L. 105-17, Part B, Individuals with Disabilities Act.


The Local Entitlement Application (EF-S-08) consists of:


            Part I:  Cover sheet, including a certification and signature portion

            Part II:  Program Budget

            Part III:  Payment Schedule Report

            Part IV:  Program Description

            Part V:  Required Policies, Procedures and Assurances


The amount of Local Entitlement funds (Part I, page 1, Item 2) to be received by the School Administrative Unit is based on the base year (FY2000).  Funds will be distributed in the following manner; 75% of  the State Grant Award plus 85% of the remaining funds distributed on the number of students enrolled in public and private schools (elementary and secondary), plus 15% of the remaining funds based on the number of children living in poverty in the unit.


The deadline for receipt of the EF-S-08 Local Entitlement Application is August 15, 2000.  Payment of local entitlement funds will begin once all components of the application have been received and approved by the Office of Special Services.


If you should have any program questions regarding the local entitlement application, please contact John Kierstead, Coordinator, Office of Special Services, at 287-5950.